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Mr. Talat Parvez Rohella

  From : 14-08-2018


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Dated Description
Circular Regarding Property Return
Circular Regarding samples and Labels
Calculator Rounding Fee Calculator
List Tentative Seniority List of Guards(Jammu Division)
List Revised Tentative Seniority List of SIs
G.O No. 175 FD           Dated 8-9-2015 Modified Recruitment Rules of SIs
List Tentative Seniority List of SIs
G.O No. 16-F           Dated 29-1-2015 Constitution of State Level Purchase Committee
G.O No. 224           Dated 15-10-2014 Creation of Posts in Excise & Comm. Taxes
28-3-2014 Dry Days During Elections
07-3-2014 Lok Sabha Election 2014- Constitution of District level Liquor Monitoring Team
17-12-2013 Tentative Seniority List-Divisional as well as State
19-11-2013 Promotion of Excise Guards as Head Guard
12-11-2013 Promotion of Excise Guards as Sub-Inspector-II
12-11-2013 Promotion of Excise Guards as Sub-Inspector-I
23-9-2013 Forms for Renewal of License
23-7-2013 Seniority List of Orderlies-Process Server-State Cadre
26-6-2013 Tentative Seniority List of ETO/CTO
12-6-2013 Seniority List of Guards of Excise & C.Tax Deptt
17-4-2013 Committee for MRP/Classification etc.
16-4-2013 Revised Seniority list of Orderlies (Jmu Div.)
28-3-2013 Promotion of Sub-Inspectors as Inspectors in Excise Department
06-3-2013 Promotion of Sh. Gulzar Ahmad from Head Asstt. to Section Officer
10-12-2012 Applicator Permission
04-12-2012 Final Seniority of Orderlies
24-11-2012 CCTV Order
20-11-2012 Temporary Change in Timing of Wine Shop
25-10-2012 Seniority List of Ministerial Staff
19-9-2012 Final Seniority List of Sub-Inspectors
26-7-2012 Final Seniority List of Excise Guards
24-7-2012 Charging of Fee under J&K RTI Rules,2010
11-7-2012 Memorandum of Hologram
159F of 4-6-2012 Final Seniority List of Inspectors
31-5-2012 Tentative Seniority List of Orderlies
15-5-2012 Tentative Seniority List of Jr. Scale Steno
23-5-2012 Tentative Seniority List of Sub-Inspectors
25-4-2012 Tentative Seniority List of Ministerial Staff
27-4-2012 Adjustment of KAS Probationers -2nd Batch
06-3-2012 Tentative Seniority List of Excise Guard
29-2-2012 Tentative Seniority List of Excise Inspector
31-03-2011 Sub-Vend Order 2011
22-02-2010 Transportation of Liquor/Excise Verification Certificate

Nomination of Public Information Officer


Grant of Liquor Licenses


Fixation of Max Retail Price


Modification Committee of DEC for MRP etc.


Fixation of MRP-Constitution of Committee


Fixation of MRP-Constitution of Committee


Fixation of Max. Retail Price (Constitution of Committee)


Realization of Add. Lic Fee in terms of SRO 186


Regulation of operations of JKEL-1 and JKEL-1A


Timing of Bars and, Bar with Hotels and Clubs


Possession Limit of Liquor Order

 24-04-2004 Excise Order No. 122 of 2004

(Approval of Labels of Beer)

 26-06-2003 Circular ( Specification of Labels)

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